BEEF FAT POWDER vet. for dogs, cats

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BEEF FAT POWDER vet. for dogs, cats

Canina® Beef Fat Powder is a natural source of energy made from cooked beef fat and the beef broth that is produced, with no added sugar. From this animal fat, exclusively from beef, dogs and cats can convert the fat energy and use it for their bodies. Growing young animals, which tend to be lean and lose weight despite sufficient feed intake, develop more substance and form their bodies ready for exhibition, pregnant and lactating animals benefit from the fat calories, also with regard to the supply of their puppies (increased fat content in breast milk).

For dogs that are physically very active (hunting, protection, sport dogs), Canina® beef fat powder should not be missing in the daily meal as a natural source of energy for more strength, performance and endurance.

Taste-sensitive animals or animals that eat poorly can accept their meal better with Canina® beef fat powder and develop more appetite, because fat is an excellent flavor carrier.

Canina® beef fat powder is also an excellent source of animal fat to optimize the BARF meal; Dogs fed raw meat often lose weight because the meal does not contain enough animal fat from the meat. Canina® beef fat powder is tasty, easy to digest and gives you energy for the whole day!

BEEF FAT POWDER vet. for dogs, cats Composition:
Boiled beef fat 72% (spray-dried), animal by-products (boiled beef broth 27.9% spray-dried), rosemary extract 0.1% as a natural antioxidant

BEEF FAT POWDER vet. for dogs, cats Ingredients:
Protein 21%, fat content 72%, crude fiber 0.0%, moisture 5%


BEEF FAT POWDER vet. for dogs, cats feeding
recommendation per animal and day: Dogs: ½ teaspoon per 10kg body weight, maximum 3 teaspoons,

cats: ½ teaspoon, for large cats a maximum of 1 teaspoon

1 teaspoon = approx. 2g

The powder is given together with the usual food; Dry food must be moistened. 740kcal = 3.100KJ per 100g beef fat powder