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BEH liver (beh Leber) capsules 90 pcs

Bioenergy Healthcare GmbH

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beh Leber

Beh Leber is a food for special medical purposes (balanced diet).

BEH liver (beh Leber) Area of ​​application: For diet management in the case of liver dysfunction with increased liver values.
beh Leber contains a scientifically based selection of micronutrients.

The main component is a patented vitamin complex consisting of B6, B12 and folic acid, combined with grape seed extract, artichoke extract and choline.

BEH liver (beh Leber) Instructions for use:

  • Consume 1 capsule daily with a little liquid, always with the same meal.
  • Please observe the instructions for use in the package insert.

Food for special medical purposes (balanced diet).