BELINE cracked foot balm, marigolds, chamomile blossoms, Calmus roots

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BELINE cracked foot marigolds, chamomile blossoms, Calmus roots balm

pack size:75ml Dosage form:balm

Against cracked and dry calluses.

In the beline® Cracked Foot Balm, well-known and proven active principles have been combined in a new way, the mode of action of which can be described as follows: The basis of the recipe is a highly greasy water-in-oil emulsion that contains a soap component. It does not remain on the surface, but penetrates the upper cornified skin layer and with it the active ingredients contained therein. The emulsion-soap combination reaches the cell gaps and softens the callus. Urea normalizes disturbed regeneration processes and, in conjunction with glycerine, improves the moisture content in the upper layers of the skin. Plant extracts from marigolds, chamomile blossoms and Calmus roots support the healing of often inflamed skin tears.

Recommendation for use BELINE cracked foot balm, marigolds, chamomile blossoms, Calmus roots:
beline® cracked foot balm should be massaged into the feet twice a day, whereby the calloused areas should be treated more heavily. beline® cracked foot balm is easy to use and feels pleasant on the skin. The skin surface appears only slightly greasy, stockings can be worn again immediately after use.