BELLA Herbs Tilia Sanitary pads x 12 pieces


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Tampons, sanitary pads, insoles, you have no choice but to buy them! The Bella brand makes every effort to create reliable products of the highest quality. Now it has released the sensational line of Bella Herbs Tilia sanitary pads with linden flower extract.

Sanitary pads Operation and use:
Are you looking for sanitary pads that are comfortable, absorbent and fragrant? Try Bella Herbs Tilia sanitary napkins! They are enriched with linden flower extract, which not only gives a subtle, refreshing fragrance, but also has a beneficial effect on the skin. The valued properties of linden are anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and soothing burning and itching. Bella sanitary pads are characterized by increased absorbency and special side skirts, which additionally protect underwear. They provide not only comfort, but also convenience and discretion, they are thin (4mm), have an optimal shape and a soft and delicate nonwoven for the skin. The reliability of the product is guaranteed by the magic gel, which changes the moisture into a gel and an odor stop to eliminate odor.

Sanitary pads Additional information:
Keep out of reach of children at room temperature.