BELLA Herbs Tilia sanitary pads x 20 pieces


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You avoid tampons, you definitely prefer sanitary pads. If you haven't used Bella products so far, it's time to change it. Bella Herbs Tilia Sanitary pads are enriched with beneficial linden flower extract.

Sanitary pads Operation and application:
Bella Herbs Tilia sanitary towels will gain recognition from women who, as a rule, do not buy sanitary towels in the fragrance version. The linden blossom is very delicate here, refreshes and increases comfort on these difficult days. Linden extract also has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. It helps to relieve possible itching and burning. High absorbency of sanitary pads will work even with heavy bleeding. The product is thin (4mm), has the right shape and side covers, it all translates into comfort and discretion when wearing it. The nonwoven fabric used in the production is extremely soft and well tolerated by the skin. It is worth mentioning that moisture does not leak out, because a special substance turns it into a gel (magic gel), no unpleasant smell (odor stop) comes out.

Sanitary pads Additional information: The product Sanitary pads should be kept out of reach of children at room temperature.