BELLA Herbs Verbena sanitary pads x 12 pieces


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Sanitary pads are a necessity article for every woman. When choosing them, always make sure that they are highly absorbent and also have the right shape. Bella Herbs Verbena sanitary pads are a great product that ensures full comfort during the period.

Sanitary pads Operation and application:
Very absorbent Bella Herbs Verbena sanitary towels have a delicate verbena smell, besides, this extraordinary plant extract significantly increases the comfort of using the product. Verbena is known for its anti-inflammatory and soothing properties, it is also credited with having an effect on regulating the menstrual cycle. For a sanitary napkin to win over a woman, it must provide full protection and comfort. The Bella brand pays great attention to creating reliable products. Sanitary pads from the Herbs line are thin (4mm), absorbent, have a regular shape and side covers. The convenience is the odour stop function, which blocks the unpleasant smell and the so-called magic gel that changes moisture into a gel. The product is made of delicate, soft non-woven fabric.

Sanitary pads Additional information: The product Sanitary pads should be kept out of reach of children at room temperature.