BELLA MAMMA Sleepers postpartum x 10 pieces


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  • Essentials in dowry hospital every freshly baked there. Primers postpartum Bella Mamma are comfortable, discreet and super absorbent, ideal during the postpartum period. With gentle material from which they are made, they do not cause allergic reactions.

Sanitary pads from Bella are very absorbent thanks to the special contribution celulozowemu, which was covered with a fine layer of soft fabric. Cellulose contribution is extremely absorbent and has high moisture absorbing properties. The product has been dermatologically tested, so sure that it does not cause any allergic reactions. Thanks to its size and shape of a rectangle measuring 34cmx12cm pads for maximum comfort, also in the supine position.Mattress protectors are much more reliable and more efficient than conventional pads. In the difficult period after birth, in a discreet way to ensure the comfort of every woman, they help to maintain hygiene in intimate underwear protect against dirt. Soft material used to produce non-irritating, it works on the principle of dressing, which helps in faster healing of wounds. Primer is thin and equipped with a special adhesive strip, which keeps the product silently glued to the underwear.

Mattress protectors Bella Mamma especially recommended for women during the postpartum period, as well as the various types of gynecological surgery.

Additional information:
It is recommended to be used together with the briefs mesh.