BELLA Panty Herbs Plantago sensitive panty liners x 60 pieces


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Panty liners. Many women use panty liners every day. This provides them with comfort and protection. If you also wear insoles so often, choose the best ones, namely Panty Liners Bella Panty Herbs Plantago sensitive with plantain extract.

Panty liners Action and application:
The valuable properties of plantain plantain have long been recognized in cosmetics. Now its soothing, soothing and antibacterial effects have been used in the product of everyday use, which for many women are panty liners. Bella Panty Herbs Plantago sensitive are odorless panty liners impregnated with plantain extract. This ingredient protects the skin, including sensitive skin, against inflammation and chafes. The insert itself was made of soft, air-permeable non-woven fabric. It has an anatomical shape and is characterized by ultrathin (1mm). In addition to convenience and discretion, the product has been enriched with two very important functions. First, it retains moisture (magic gel) and neutralizes odor (odour stop).

Panty liners Additional information: The product Panty Liners should be kept out of reach of children at room temperature.