Bella round cosmetic pads, BELLA COSMETIC FLAKES round x 80 pieces


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Bella round cosmetic pads are very delicate pads made of natural cotton. Gently extruded, perfectly absorb and easily distribute the cosmetic on the body. Perfect for removing makeup and everyday hygiene of the face, neck and décolleté.

Bella round cosmetic pads Operation and application:
Bella round cotton pads are delicately extruded, made entirely of natural cotton fibers. They have the right thickness, they are soft and delicate for the skin - even for the most demanding and sensitive. Perfect for everyday hygiene and makeup removal for the face, neck and cleavage, as well as for compresses and eye masks. They absorb cosmetics and other liquid preparations very well. The petals do not split and do not leave marks on the face. They have a plastic bag with a drawstring that allows hanging and easy removal of flakes.