BELLADOT / EVELINA menstrual cup ML 1 pc

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EveMenstruation Cap, BELLADOT / EVELINA menstrual cup ML

The menstruation cap (menstrual cup ⁄ menstrual cup) EVELINA by Belladot gives you more freedom in your monthly hygiene. It is THE hygienic, safe and reusable alternative to pads and tampons.

BELLADOT / EVELINA menstrual cup ML Features & Benefits:
  • more hygienic than tampons ⁄ pads
  • Can be used more flexibly than tampons ⁄ pads - can be used for all activities (bathing, swimming, sauna, sports, etc.)
  • healthier and DOES NOT affect the pH balance - does not dry out the mucous membranes of the vagina like tampons ⁄ does not make you sweat like bandages.
  • cheaper and more environmentally friendly than tampons ⁄ pads - as they can be used for several years
  • easy to use - only empty 2-4 times a day & can also be used overnight
  • no replacement necessary for on the go
  • no harmful additives, bleach or residue
  • larger collection than tampons or sanitary towels