BENEVI Color pigment cream dark

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BENEVI Color pigment cream dark

pack size:20ml Dosage form:cream

Benevi Color Dark Pigment Cream, BENEVI Color pigment cream dark

Reliable concealing cream with mineral, fat-absorbing pigments for dark skin types

• reliably conceals skin reddening and acne lesions
• suitable for rosacea due to good skin tolerance
• hydrophilic paste, does not close the pores
• basis for extemporaneous formulations


BENEVI Color pigment cream dark Application:


Depending on requirements, after cleansing, apply either only to the problem areas or as a full-coverage day make-up.

Benevi Color® pigment cream light and dark cover skin irregularities - such as redness, acne lesions, dilated capillaries (couperose), small scars and pigment spots - in two natural-looking tints.

The two BENEVI COLOR® pigment creams can be mixed with each other, an individual tint can be adapted to the respective skin type:
• Benevi Color® pigment cream light - cover cream with 15% pigment content for lighter complexion
• Benevi Color® pigment cream dark - cover cream with 20% pigment content for darker ones Complexion
The pigment creams are hydrophilic pastes (system oil in water) that neither close the surface of the skin nor the pores (non-occluding). In contrast to conventional cosmetics, there are no possible additional skin irritations. The mineral pigments also absorb skin fats. The lipid content is 35% in each case.


The Benevi Color® pigment creams, BENEVI Color pigment cream dark:


• Are well tolerated by the skin
• Are suitable for spot covering or as day make-up
• Are ideal for oily and sensitive skin as well as for couperose
• Can be mixed with each other for an individual tint
• Are hydrophilic pastes - without comedogenic ingredients