Benosen® 20 sleeping tablets - for Insomnia. State of Anxiety and Fear. Mental Stress UK


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Benosen ® 20 Tablets - for Insomnia. State of Anxiety and Fear. Mental Stress
Benosen ® is a unique formulation, the components of which attenuate and improve the quality of all three stages of sleep.
Substances in the preparation Benosen does not cause addiction. Benosen ® dietary supplement contains the Polish market innovative composition of specially selected natural substances and sleep aids insulation and restful sleep, and that make the body is when you wake up fresh and rested. Benosen ® can be used by people with sleep problems (trouble falling asleep, nocturnal awakening, awakening too early in the morning), the nervous tension, fatigue, annoyance and irritation, as well as in times of stress and during prolonged deterioration of mood.
Benosen based on natural ingredients.

How does Benosen work?
Benosen ® is a formulation containing the composition of specially selected substances that have a beneficial effect on the noise and the quality of the 3 phases of sleep. L-Theanine is a substance extracted from green tea and will calm the body and helps calm, natural sleep. The standardized extract of hops ordinary (Humulus lupulus) is used for centuries in folk medicine and also has a relaxing effect and a positive effect on sleep. The combination of the two plant extracts is tested and used as a natural alternative to synthetic drugs. These substances act in a natural way the brain receptors, which are responsible for sleep and relief operations nerves.
All the active ingredients of the preparation Benosen ® also have beneficial effects on the body in states of nervous tension, fatigue, irritability and irritation, as well as in times of stress and during prolonged deterioration of mood. Benosen ® operates in sleep phase During sleep the brain sends a so-called alpha waves, which is a symptom of the body is relaxed.
This is necessary in order to calm the nervous activity before bedtime. L-theanine increases alpha wave activity, which causes the mute function of the brain and prepare the body for sleep stage. Then work a standardized extract of hops, which naturally affects the brain receptors as well as the sedation and sleep.
Benosen ® operates under SLEEP operation of active L-theanine significantly improves the quality of sleep reduces night waking. The standardized extract of hops also helps calm and deep sleep.
Benosen ® operates under WAKE Thanks to the unique composition Benosen ® makes the night's sleep your body is revitalized and relaxed. L-theanine improves the quality of sleep reduces night waking up, so the dream becomes more refreshing. Calling positive alpha waves brings easy and lively getting up every morning. Substances in the preparation Benosen ® makes your body when you wake up fresh and rested.
The Benosen active substances:
L-Theanine is found in green tea discovered in 1949 by a scientist Sakato. Is an organic chemical compound from the group of non-protein amino acid, which means that no part of the protein structure. Benosen is soluble in water, after ingestion into the body is absorbed in the small intestine.
Easily beats blood - brain barrier and is psychoactive compound. Benosen has a relaxing effect and a positive effect on sleep quality. It helps reduce nocturnal awakening and brings clearer when you wake up feeling refreshed. L-theanine increases alpha brain-wave activity, which produce a feeling of relaxation.
Benosen improves the quality of sleep,
contributes to achieving the state of relaxation and improves concentration,
reduces agitation and irritability caused by stress,
reduces the effects of caffeine overdose.
The standardized extract of hops - hops (Humulus lupulus) is a perennial species of the family as hemp. Its cones are used in brewing, and besides hops are also used in medicine and cosmetics. Active compounds of Benosen are flavonoids in hops of a dye, which can include: flavone, isoflavone, flawanon, flavonol and chalcone. Only the female flowers are medicinal raw material. They are focusing secretory glands containing bitter, resin oils, or lupulin. Lupulin has a calming and relaxing. Effects on the central nervous system has been confirmed experimentally, it is the action of sedation (ie, sedative and hypnotic) and usposabiajacym to sleep. The standardized extract of hops increases the effects of L-theanine.
How should I use?
The usual dose is 1-2 tablets Benosen a day for about half an hour before bedtime, with some water. Individually, before the scheduled time of falling asleep can be increased up to 1 hour. In order to achieve the positive effects of the formulation should be used for at least two weeks. If you need to relax and calm during the day, you can use 1-2 Benosen tablets in the morning or at noon before eating, but not before activities requiring increased concentration.
What to look for when using the product?
This product Benosen is not intended for pregnant women and nursing mothers and children under the age of 12 Substances in the preparation does not cause addiction or abstinence symptoms after use. It can be used long-term, but the present continuous sleep disorder, consult your doctor. Should not be used prior to the intended mechanical driving or activities requiring increased attention. The concomitant use of other drugs, especially hypnotics, you should consult with your doctor.
Manufacturer: Czech Republic.