Benzaknen 10% Gel, against severe acne, benzoyl peroxide

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Benzaknen ® 10% Gel, against severe acne, benzoyl peroxide

Active substance: benzoyl peroxide

Application: Benzaknen ® 10%: All forms of severe acne and acne diseases in which the use of a low-concentration benzoyl peroxide preparation does not lead to successful therapy.

Warnings: Contains propylene glycol.
Please note leaflet!

For against severe acne, benzoyl peroxide risks and side effects, read the leaflet and ask your doctor or pharmacist.

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Benzacnen 10% gel, against severe acne, benzoyl peroxide

Benzacnen 10% gel against severe acne. Antibacterial and effective down to the pores - for clearer skin within 7-14 days. Test now!

Benzacnen 10% gel against severe, benzoyl peroxide
acne Benzacnen 10% gel provides relief for severe acne: the medicinal substance benzoyl peroxide (BPO) eliminates 94% of all bacteria responsible for acne. For treatment, Benzaknen 10% Gel is applied once or twice a day to the areas of the skin affected by acne. After just 1-2 weeks, the number of pimples should be reduced and itching, pain and signs of inflammation should subside. The complexion improves noticeably. If tolerated well, Benzaknen 10% Gel can also be used against acne for a longer period of time - without any habituation or diminishing effects.

Benefits of Benzacnen 10% Gel for severe facial acne, benzoyl peroxide
Benzacnen 10% Gel fights pimples and acne with the medicinal substance benzoyl peroxide (BPO). The remedy is primarily intended for acne therapy in severe cases.

Effect of benzoyl peroxide (BPO) on severe acne
The active ingredient BPO contained in Benzaknen 10% gel disrupts the metabolism of the bacteria responsible for acne and cleans the pores deep so that sebum can be better removed. BPO is one of the most effective anti-acne agents and, if used regularly, can improve the complexion within 1-2 weeks.

• BPO eliminates 94% of all acne bacteria (Propionibacterium acnes) and is therefore a powerful weapon in the fight against pimples and acne.
• Thanks to its lipophilic properties, benzoyl peroxide penetrates the clogged pores and unfolds its effect there.
• Clogged pores are opened and excess sebum can drain off.
• In this way, the breeding ground for acne bacteria is removed, the complexion improves and the risk of inflammation and skin irritation is reduced.
• In contrast to treatment with antibiotics, there is no habituation effect with products containing the active ingredient benzoyl peroxide. Even after several weeks, Benzaknen still works like it did on the first day.

Use of Benzaknen 10% Gel to treat severe acne, benzoyl peroxide
It is best to clean your skin with a medical cleansing gel before use. Then dry the skin well and apply a thin layer of Benzaknen 10% Gel to the affected areas of the skin. The composition and dosage of the active ingredients are aimed specifically at patients suffering from severe acne. In the case of particularly severe acne, a dermatologist should always be consulted. For optimal treatment against acne, the gel should be used once or twice a day.

Application tip: Care routine for clear skin
To meet the specific needs of acne-prone skin, Benzaknen and Benzacare offer a range of products. Depending on the condition of the skin and the severity of the disease, the holistic use of the Benzaknen product family is recommended to successfully combat acne. The three important phases of cleansing, treatment and care play a particularly important role here:

• Step 1: Cleanse the skin carefully – preferably with a mild, pH-neutral cleansing substance such as the deep- acting Benzacare cleansing gel. Then gently dry the skin with a clean towel.
• Step 2: Benzacnen 10% GelApply thinly to areas of skin affected by acne. Avoid contact of the anti-pimple gel with the eyes, nasal and oral mucosa.
• Step 3: Allow the gel to dry and then moisturize the skin with a non-greasy moisturizer (such as the gentle Benzacare moisturizer ).

Tip: Benzacnen 10% Gel can also be used if Benzacnen 5% Gel does not lead to the desired treatment success.

Instructions for use: Avoid dry skin!
Initially, treatment with Benzacnen 10% Gel can cause skin irritation and cause the skin to dry out more quickly. However, the symptoms usually subside after a few days. Drying out of the skin can be counteracted with a soothing, non-greasy moisturizing cream (eg from Benzacare). If the skin is peeling, don't worry: it actually promotes healing. If there is noticeable success, the acne treatment can also be continued over a longer period of time.

Recognize severe acne: acne papulopustulosa
Benzaknen 10% Gel was developed as a remedy for severe acne. Severe forms of acne, such as acne papulopustulosa, are characterized by many inflammatory, often reddened blisters and lumps (papules) lying deeper in the skin with the formation of pus (papulopustules). Acne papulopustulosa can appear on the face, shoulders and back. In the case of particularly severe forms of acne, a dermatologist should always be consulted.

Causes of acne and pimples
Acne is characterized by chronic, inflammatory skin conditions such as pustules and papules. It mainly appears where there is a particularly large concentration of sebaceous glands - on the face, back, chest or shoulder area. There is a reason for this: If the sebum cannot drain properly, blackheads can form on the skin's surface. Due to hormone fluctuations or the increased release of sex hormones, the sebum production in the facial skin increases. The pores get clogged and provide an ideal food base for bacteria that cause inflammation, lesions and acne-typical pimples. Teenagers in particular feel this, but many adults also struggle with acne.

Benzaknen and Benzacare products offer patients a powerful system against acne, pimples and blackheads. They help step by step to cleanse, treat and care for the skin in order to get rid of pimples.