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BERBERIL N EDO eye drops 30X0.5 ml

Dr. Gerhard Mann

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BERBERIL N EDO eye drops

Active ingredient: Tetryzoline hydrochloride.

BERBERIL N EDO eye drops Areas of application: eye irritation, e.g. B. by smoke, wind, chlorinated water and light; allergic inflammation of the eye, e.g. B. Hay fever and pollen hypersensitivity.

Warnings: Keep medicines out of the reach of children. Contains phosphates. Note leaflet. Pharmacy only.

BERBERIL N EDO eye drops For information on risks and side effects, read the package insert and ask your doctor or pharmacist.

Dr. Gerhard Mann chem.- pharm. Fabrik GmbH, Brunsbütteler Damm 165-173, 13581 Berlin.

irritated eyes in minutes Berberil ® N EDO ®Eye drops with the tried and tested active ingredient tetryzoline soothe irritated eyes in a matter of minutes. They are suitable for treating unspecific eye irritation and inflammation of the eye caused by allergies, such as hay fever. The eye drops quickly decongest the enlarged vessels of the conjunctiva and eliminate redness. Due to their very good tolerance, Berberil ® N EDO ® eye drops are also suitable for children from 2 years of age. Use in children and at higher doses must therefore only be carried out under medical supervision.

Product at a glance

  • Very quick relief for irritated eyes
  • Decongestant effect
  • Good tolerance, without preservatives
  • Pleasant on the eye thanks to hypromellose

No more red eyes The proven active ingredient tetryzoline has a strong decongestant and vasoconstricting effect. It is suitable for quickly relieving the symptoms of conjunctivitis caused by allergic reactions or non-specific triggers such as dust, smoke, wind or chlorinated water. Redness and swelling of the conjunctiva quickly go away and the eyes no longer water.


Tilt your head back to drip in. With the index finger of one hand, pull the lower lid of the eye downwards. With the other hand, hold the single-dose ophthalmic tube vertically over the eye without touching the eye, and drop 1 drop into the pulled down conjunctival sac. Close your eye slowly and move it back and forth so that the drop is well distributed.

To avoid a possible increased absorption of the active ingredient through the nasal mucosa, especially in children, the tear ducts should be closed with the fingers for 1 minute after the application of the eye drops. In rare cases, short-term blurred vision and glare may occur after using eye drops. During this time you should not drive, operate machines or work without a secure footing.

Berberil ® N EDO ® eye drops must not be used in children under 2 years of age. The duration of use may - especially in children - be a maximum of 5 days without medical supervision.

Berberil ® N EDO ® Eye drops must not be used in:

  • Angle-closure glaucoma
  • Hypersensibility concerning the active substance or any other medium

There are innumerable triggers that bother the sensitive conjunctiva: cosmetics, food
intolerances or house dust mites, animal hair and mold spores

Pollutants, high ozone levels and other negative environmental influences affect not only our nature, but also people. One effect of the increasing environmental pollution can be unpleasant irritation to the eyes.

Smoke, dust, chlorinated water or wind - there are numerous triggers that cause sudden conjunctivitis and impair the enjoyment of sports and leisure. Berberil ® N EDO ®quickly relieve symptoms and are particularly practical for on the go and when traveling.

The lenses should be removed before the application of the eye drops and should only be reinserted after about 15 minutes.

What do I, as a contact lens wearer , have to consider when using Berberil ® N EDO ® eye drops?
If the eyes are irritated, wearing glasses would be more advantageous, as the symptoms of the disease irritate the eyes. If the ophthalmologist allows contact lenses to be worn in exceptional cases, please note the following: Take the contact lenses out before putting them in and do not put them back in until 15 minutes after putting them in.

How should Berberil ® N EDO ® eye drops be stored?
Since Berberil ® N EDO ® eye drops must not be swallowed, it is important that you keep this medicine out of the sight and reach of children. Do not store the eye drops above 25 ° C.

I still have a little bit of solution left in the one-dose ophthalmic solution after use, can I reuse it?
Berberil ® N EDO ® eye drops do not contain any preservatives. Opened one-dose ophtiols must therefore not be stored. The remaining amount in the ophthalmic product after use should be discarded.