BERBERIS, UTERUS, Homeopathic medicine

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Homeopathic medicine BERBERIS, UTERUS comp. globules

pack size:20g Dosage form:globules

Homeopathic medicine.

active BERBERIS, UTERUS, Homeopathic medicine ingredients

  • 6.6 mg Berberis e fructibus ferm 33c mother tincture
  • 3.4 mg Berberis e radice ferm 33d Urtink
  • 10 mg Granite D9
  • 10 mg Magnesium sulfuricum aquosum D5
  • 10 mg Ovaria bovis glycerol extract D5
  • 10 mg Oxalis e planta tota ferm 34b D2
  • 10 mg Urtica urens ex herba ferm 33c D2
  • 10 mg Uterus bovis glycerol extract D5
  • 10 mg Viscum mali, planta tota fermentatio D3

BERBERIS, UTERUS, Homeopathic medicine excipients

  • sucrose
  • lactose

Homeopathic medicine.

berberis homeopathy benefits:

What is Berberis vulgaris used for? Berberis vulgaris is a common homeopathic medicine that is widely used for various health problems. It is used to treat fever, cough, kidney disease, heart disease, liver disease, depression, hyperlipidemia, hyperglycemia, and bleeding.

Uterus homeopathy benefits:

Homeopathic remedies tend to balance the hormones, cure the fibroids and reduce heavy menstrual bleeding. They are natural, effective, with no side effects and can be used even during pregnancy. There are more than 50 homeopathic medicines for fibroids.

Granite homeopathy benefits:

For temporary relief of:

Selected physical symptoms:
Occasional headaches
Supports a healthy brain
Supports nerves metabolism
Selected emotional symptoms:
Nervous tremor