Berimal Forte x 30 capsules, Bergamot Citrus bergamia Risso

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 Berimal Forte x 30 capsules, Bergamot Citrus bergamia Risso

  • The Berimal Forte dietary supplement is a unique preparation that contains the amount of polyphenols obtained from bergamot Citrus bergamia Risso (in the ActiBPF form) consistent with the results of scientific research. The composition Berimal Forte of the capsules is supplemented with a portion of vitamin C.

Berimal Forte Ingredients:
ActiBPF - bergamot juice powder (Citrus bergamia Risso) standardized for 32% BPF (Bergamot - Derived Polyphenolic Fraction); capsule shell plant: hydroxypropyl methylcellulose; L-ascorbic acid; dyes: titanium dioxide, oxides and hydroxides of iron.

The content of ingredients in one capsule / two capsules: ActiBPF - powdered bergamot juice powder standardized for 32% of polyphenols - 500mg / 1000mg, vitamin C - 50mg (62.5% RWS) / 100mg (125% RWS).
RWS - reference intake value.

Action Berimal Forte:
The active ingredient of the Berimal Forte dietary supplement, or ActiBPF, is a bergamot composition of Citrus bergamia Risso. This component is standardized for the content of five flavonoids: neoeriocytryne, neohesperidin, naringin, melitidine and brutiferidine. The supplement complements the daily diet with these precious substances and allows you to get the so-called bergamot effect. In addition, vitamin C supports cell protection against oxidative stress and helps in the proper functioning of blood vessels and in maintaining proper energy metabolism.

Berimal Forte Application:
Berimal Forte dietary supplement intended for adults as a supplement to the daily diet in bergamot polyphenols and vitamin C. A preparation suitable for vegetarians.

Additional information Berimal Forte:

The dietary supplement can not be used as a substitute for a varied diet and a healthy lifestyle. Keep the product out of reach of children at room temperature. Protect against light and moisture. It is recommended to consult a physician for people who use lipid-lowering drugs. The bipamotic polyphenol fractions do not contribute to the elevation of transaminases. The product does not contain allergens, lactose, sugar and GMO.

Do not use in the case of hypersensitivity to any component of the dietary supplement. Do not use during pregnancy and lactation.

Directions for use Berimal Forte:
Recommended daily dose: 1-2 capsules. Take before eating. Swallow the capsule whole and drink it with water. Do not exceed recommended servings for consumption during the day.