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BESTIFLEX 30 sachets. The bones of the joints are covered with a cartilaginous layer with a dual function: mitigation of concussions and facilitation of the joint surfaces during movement. The cartilage of the joints consists of a fibrous network of collagen, in the interstices of which there are special molecules composed of protein and glucosamine glycans, which retain a large amount of water (more than 90%).

There are cells in the cartilage structure called chondrocytes that constantly renew the substances that make them up. When the number or activity of chondrocytes decreases, the level of collagen is low, or when glucosaminoglycans are destroyed by the action of certain enzymes, the balance between the formation and breakdown of the main components of the joints is disturbed and the condition of cartilage changes: from smooth and elastic structure uneven and hardened.

BESTIFLEX 30 sachets Indications:

-Women and men suffering from joint diseases.

-Women and men who play sports professionally or for pleasure.

-All people over the age of 40 who want to keep in good physical shape and enjoy it for as long as possible.

BESTIFLEX 30 sachets Composition:

Bestiflex joints contain 10 g of hydrolyzed collagen and 200 mg of vitamin C in one sachet.

It is characterized by the highest quality and safety:

It does not contain cholesterol

It does not contain purines

Gluten free

It does not contain fat

Contains pure proteins

It does not contain genetically modified products

BESTIFLEX 30 sachets Mechanism of action:

Bestiflex (Bestiflex) joints is an ultramodern and natural formula based on collagen hydrolyzate.

Collagen hydrolyzate acts in 3 important steps:

  1. Absorption: after taking Bestiflex joints, collagen hydrolyzate is rapidly absorbed in the stomach.
  2. Distribution: Collagen hydrolyzate peptides go through the circulatory system into the cartilage tissues of the joint.
  3. Stimulation: collagen hydrolyzate stimulates the synthesis of type II collagen and proteoglycans, which are the main structural units of cartilage.

Bestiflex (Bestiflex) joints has a positive effect on cartilage:

-Restores cartilage

-Heals joints

-It has a beneficial effect on rheumatic diseases

Various studies have shown that oral administration of collagen hydrolyzate from Bestiflex (Bestiflex) joints helps prevent and slow down the development of degenerative cartilage processes. Here we show a picture from a study by Oesser S et al. (Osteoarthritis Cartilage 15: C61-C62,94), which shows a segment of cartilage in the joint before and after 3 months of taking Bestiflex joints.

Cartilage shrinkage can cause discomfort during daily activity. It has been scientifically proven that the daily intake (for 12 consecutive weeks) of 10 g of collagen hydrolyzate contained in Bestiflex joints improves the following parameters:

· Pain

· Mobility

· Flexibility

In cases where the subjects have health problems - difficulty moving, pain on exertion, pain when climbing stairs and exercise or sudden movements, the peptides of collagen hydrolyzate help to keep joints in good condition and improve quality of life. .

Field of application:

· Contributes to the normal functioning of the joints

· Participates in the natural regenerative processes of articular cartilage

· Helps maintain bone health

BESTIFLEX 30 sachets Dosage and method of administration:

Adults: 1 sachet daily. Add 100 ml of milk, kefir or water to the soluble sachet powder and drink immediately. Prolonged use (at least 3 months) is recommended. Do not exceed the recommended dose.

The food supplement does not replace a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.

Designed for adults only. The product should be used with caution in pregnant or lactating women. Store in a dry place at room temperature. Keep out of reach of children.