Beta Alanine Endurance Max 500g


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Not only physical exertion affects the improvement of muscle endurance and strength. Beta Alanine Endurance Max Allnutrition contains as many as three ingredients that support the growth of muscle tissue and support regeneration and energy metabolism.

ALLNUTRITION Beta Alanine Endurance Max ingredients:

Beta-alanine - 90%, taurine - 9.98%, vitamin B6.

Beta Alanine The content of ingredients in one serving (in 4g): beta-alanine - 3600mg, taurine - 399.3mg, vitamin B6 - 0.7mg (50% of the reference intake).

Operation of ALLNUTRITION Beta Alanine Endurance Max:

Some substances support the body and prepare it for increased physical exertion. The Allnutrition brand knows this very well, which is why it created the Beta Alanine Endurance Max dietary supplement, which contains beta-alanine, taurine and vitamin B6. These ingredients contribute to the increase of muscle endurance and strength, support the growth of muscle mass and accelerate post-workout regeneration. The preparation increases the level of carnosine in muscles. Vitamin B6 contributes to maintaining proper energy metabolism, and also supports maintaining psychological functions at the correct level.

Application of ALLNUTRITION Beta Alanine Endurance Max:

Allnutrition Beta Alanine Endurance Max dietary supplement intended for use to support muscle endurance and strength, in particular recommended for athletes of endurance and endurance-strength disciplines.

Beta Alanine Endurance Max 500g Additional information:
Dietary supplement can not be used as a substitute for a varied diet and a healthy lifestyle. Keep the product out of reach of children at room temperature. Close the package tightly after each use.

Beta Alanine Contraindications:
Do not use in case of hypersensitivity to any component of the preparation.

How to use ALLNUTRITION Beta Alanine Endurance Max:

Recommended daily dose: 2 portions Beta Alanine (a portion is 4g of powder). Consume 1 serving in the morning and 1 serving before training. Do not exceed recommended servings for consumption during the day.

Beta Alanine Net weight: 500g.