Beta-carotene 6 mg x 100 capsules beta carotene vitamin a, beta carotene supplement


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  • Dietary supplement Beta Carotene satisfy the body's need for pro-vitamin A. comprehensively take care of a healthy body and the beautiful appearance of the skin by the action of antyoksydacyjnemu, or neutralizing free radicals.

Soybean oil, gelatin, glycerol (humectant), beta carotene, soy lecithin (emulsifier), beta carotene (dye).

Beta-carotene is a naturally occurring in plants - fruits and vegetables - pigment that provides the yellow-orange color. This dye, precursors, which is converted in the body into vitamin A. Beta-carotene is one of the group of antioxidants, or substances to minimize damages caused in the body by the activity of free radicals, that is, include It protects the body from aging faster. In the summer supplement Beta carotene supports faster tanning of the skin whilst working fotoochronnym. Beta carotene has another important role - it prevents night blindness, which is the problem of vision in the dark, and macular degeneration. In addition it improves resistance and prevents inflammation of the mucous membranes and skin diseases, atherosclerosis and other diseases of the heart.

hypovitaminosis and avitaminosis A, night blindness, skin diseases with hyperkeratosis of the epidermis, light urticaria, chronic inflammation of the respiratory tract, gastrointestinal tract, prevention of atherosclerosis and certain cancers. Dietary supplement for adults.Prophylactically as a dietary supplement beta-carotene, especially during autumn and spring, and in conditions of increased exposure to sunlight. Can be used to improve the condition of skin and hair.

Additional information:
1 capsule contains 6 mg of beta carotene, including vitamin A - 1000μg (125% of the recommended daily intake).

It is recommended to take 1 capsule daily. Do not exceed recommended servings for consumption during the day.