BETAISODONA povidone iodine solution


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Betaisodona ® povidone iodine solution 100 mg / ml

active ingredient: povidone iodine.

Areas of application:
Betaisodona ® solution is a germicidal agent (antiseptic) for use on skin, mucous membranes and wounds. Betaisodona ® solution is used once to disinfect the intact outer skin or antiseptics of the mucous membrane such as B. before operations, biopsies, injections, punctures, blood sampling and urinary catheterization. Betaisodona ® solution is used repeatedly for a limited period of time for antiseptic wound treatment (e.g. pressure sores, lower leg ulcers), for burns, infected and superinfected skin diseases and for surgical hand disinfection.

povidone iodine Warning notices:
Store drug out of reach of children.

For povidone iodine information on risks and side effects, read the package insert and ask your doctor or pharmacist.

BETAISODONA ® - the wound professional povidone iodine

  • Fights 99.9% of the relevant germs *
  • Immediate onset and long-lasting effect
  • Without a burning sensation on the skin
  • Gold-brown color as an indicator of effectiveness

Whether in the kitchen, in the garden or on the bike: Small wounds in everyday life happen quickly and can hardly be avoided. Sometimes germs get into the wound that can delay healing. In order to combat possible wound infection, it is essential to treat the wounds quickly and reliably. For optimal first aid, the wound should be cleaned with lukewarm water and then disinfected with an antiseptic. BETAISODONA ® with the active ingredient povidone-iodine is the professional for the first aid of superficial, soiled wounds such as abrasions, tears, lacerations and scratches.

Iodine has been used as an antiseptic for disinfecting wounds since the early 19th century. It works against bacteria, fungi, spores, viruses and certain single cells (protozoa), which is why one speaks of a broad spectrum of activity. In addition, the product is characterized by an immediate onset of action.

As a rule, there is an acidic environment in wounds, and this is exactly where the povidone-iodine complex works. The active ingredient is, so to speak, an iodine depot, which releases iodine in a delayed manner and thus ensures a long-lasting effect. Compared to alcoholic iodine solutions, povidone-iodine is more tolerable and does not burn, since the iodine largely loses its skin-irritating properties through binding to povidone. This enables a pleasant application of BETAISODONA ®without burning on the skin.

The natural golden-brown color of iodine, which indicates its effectiveness, is also particularly practical. If the color loses its intensity, this means that its effectiveness has been exhausted and it can be reapplied if necessary.