BEURER Device for removal of the corneal epidermis, corneal abrasion MP 26


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  • Corneal abrasion. Daily foot care can be much faster and more enjoyable. You can throw the pumices and graters in the bin, it's time for the device to remove the corneous epidermis MP 26 by Beurer.

In the set:
Device; AA 1.5V batteries: 2 items; caps: 2 pieces; protective cover; cleaning brush.

Two sand paper sockets allow to achieve the desired effect of perfectly manicured feet regardless of their initial state. The coarse attachment is designed for slightly more neglected feet, while the fine-grained tip is recommended for a gentler peeling. In addition, the work is facilitated by bright LED backlights, which clearly distinguishes the MP 26 from other products of this type. With the Beurer device, what has not belonged to your favorite activities so far, i.e. removing the horny epidermis from your feet, will start to bring you satisfaction. It will happen when you see your beautiful feet, velvety smooth and soft to the touch. The device has a three-year manufacturer's warranty.

Beurer The device to remove keratinized epidermis MP 26 facilitates home care of the feet, helps to eliminate the roughness of the skin, remove callous epidermis and imprints.

Additional information:
Keep the product out of the reach of children.

Technical data:
Power supply: battery; backlit on / off switch. Warranty: 3 years.