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BEURER Diagnostic scale BF 750


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  • Bet on the BF 750 diagnostic weight by Beurer. In contrast to the classic scales, it allows not only to measure body weight, but also to determine the fat, bone and muscle mass as well as the body's water content.

The world of scales is changing, so in order to keep up with modern trends, put on the Beurer brand. The BF 750 diagnostic scale offers an extended weight measurement, which takes into account the distribution of kilograms to muscle, bone, fat and water with high accuracy! In addition, the weight determines the body's need for AMR / BMR calories. Such a complicated measurement is possible due to bioelectrical impedance analysis (resistance measurement). The scale is equipped with a blue, two-line LCD with white backlight, the option of interpreting the measurement of body fat with exact division, modern sensory buttons, overload indicator (maximum load 150kg), 5 levels of activity and the function of switching units. The advantage of the scale is also the Vibration-On technology, which is used to turn the device on and off automatically. Traditional stainless steel electrodes have been replaced with ITO (indium tin oxide), which ennobles the surface of the scale. Four 1.5V AAA batteries are included. Product covered by a 5-year manufacturer's warranty.

Beurer Diagnostic scale BF 750 is designed to measure body weight and determine the body's water content, as well as bone, muscle and fat mass.

Additional information:
Keep the product out of reach of children at room temperature.

Technical data:
Maximum load: 150kg;
accuracy: 100g / 0.1% / 1kcal;
dimensions: 33cm x 32cm x 2.3cm;
weighing surface made of safety glass: 31cm x 31cm;
size of digits: 22mm (weight);
maximum number of registered users: 10.

Warranty: 5 years.