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BEURER Heart rate monitor for PM 235 smartphones Bluetooth®


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  • The Beurer PM 235 smartphone is a small device used during training that allows you to monitor the pulse. The heart rate monitor transmits data to a smartphone in two ways via Bluetooth® and an analog signal.

1 transmitter unit with lithium button cell battery (3 V, CR2032), 1 chest strap (elastic tensioning belt).

The great advantage of the Beurer PM 235 smartwatch is the way of communication with the mobile device. The data transfer takes place in two ways. First of all, thanks to the Bluetooth® technology (the heart rate monitor is compatible with Bluetooth® Smart and Bluetooth® Smart Ready products), secondly with an analog signal with 5.3kHz (the strap on the cage is matched to the majority of training devices in the fitness center, as well as with heart rate monitors) that support analog signal). The PM 235 pulse meter measures the pulse, and this is done using a sensor that is attached to the chest, the accuracy of the measurement is comparable to that performed during the ECG. Depending on the application that was launched, you can use functions such as alarm, training range, medium or maximum heart rate, and the amount of calories consumed. The device is splash-proof (protected against drops of sweat or water). The strap can be machine washed at a temperature of up to 40 degrees Celsius (no rinsing liquid!). The product has a three-year manufacturer's warranty.

Beurer Heart rate monitor for PM 235 smarfons recommended for physically active people who want to increase the efficiency of training through pulse control.

Additional information:
Keep the product out of reach of children at room temperature. The device is compatible with the most popular fitness applications for iOS and Android systems, including: Runtastic / Runtastic RoadBike / RuntasticMountainBike / RuntasticWintersports / EndomodoSportsTracker / WahooFitness / RunKeeper / MapMyFitness / MapMyRide / MapMyHike / MapMyRun / Map-MyWalk / Runalyzer Utility / Strava Cycling & Run / 60beat / 3,2,1 Run Free / Wahoo Beats / Bit of Exercise / Kinomap Trainer / Ritmo Time Free / rubyTrack / BikyCoach CycleOps / SPLIT: multisport GPS / Cool-Runner / Kinomap Maker / Seconds / Joggy CoachFree.

Technical data:
Transmitter dimensions: 63mm x 36mm x 11mm;
dimensions of the width bar: 25mm;
Weight: about 43g;
power supply: battery.

Warranty: 3 years.