BEURER Light alarm clock WL 32


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  • WL Beurer WL 32 light alarm clock will also be appreciated by people who have no problems getting up everyday! This unusual device can successfully replace a bedside lamp and radio.

AUX cable.

A loud alarm clock on the phone makes you wake up stressed and grumpy? You can change this with Beurer WL 32, which gives you the possibility of a two-stage wake-up call. First, the slowly brightening light that imitates the sunrise (15 or 30 minutes) helps you get used to waking up, then the sound signal gives you a signal to get up. The device can wake you up with an ordinary alarm clock signal or one of your favorite radio stations. The backlit LCD screen changes colors. In addition, the alarm clock can be used as a bedside lamp. The product has a three-year warranty from the manufacturer.

Functions: goodnight, nap (5-60 minutes);
radio memory: 10 stations;
regulation of light intensity;
two set alarm times.

Warranty: 3 years.

Instructions for use:
The user manual will help you set up and use the alarm clock correctly.