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BEURER Light alarm clock WL 70


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  • Light alarm clock. You're not a wounded bird, you probably have a lot of problems every day to get out of bed! The WL 70 light alarm clock by Beurer will help you to gently wake up, affecting you with gradually brightened light and your favorite melody.

AUX cable.

WL 70 light alarm clock provides a pleasant, natural wake-up without violent tearing out of sleep. Imitating the sunrise (colors: red and yellow) makes the body receive the first signals that time to get up. Then the sound signal awakens fully. The sound can be a classic alarm signal or one of the four loaded melodies. Unless you like it when the voice of your favorite radio announcer awakens you, then just set the right station. The hour is visible on the backlit LCD display. The device can also act as a bedside lamp. The product is covered by a three-year manufacturer's warranty.

Technical data:
Three adjustable alarm times;
functions: naps (1-30 minutes), goodnight;
light intensity regulation: 20 levels of brightness;
radio memory: 10 stations.

Warranty: 3 years.

Directions for use:
Follow the instructions for use.