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BEURER Light alarm clock WL 80


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  • Light alarm clock. Are you a fan of multifunction devices? Light alarm clock Beurer WL 80 is something especially for you. Gentle wake up with light and sound, both functions freely adjustable. In addition, the alarm clock can be used as a bedside lamp and radio and music player.

AUX cable.

There is nothing worse than a sudden break from sleep, something that can spoil humor for the day. To avoid this, choose a natural wake-up with a gradually brightened light. If the light is not enough, you can also wake up with sound. What melody or signal will wake you up - decide for yourself! Will it be a classic alarm signal, one of the radio stations, one of the 8 loaded melodies, or maybe your favorite song played from a USB memory stick connected to you? With the rest of the alarm clock can serve you as a music player on a daily basis, you can let go from your smartphone (AUX output) or from USB memory. The fact that connecting a smartphone you can recharge it makes it easy. In addition, the alarm clock emits a moody LED light that can be tuned according to your preferences, beautifully imitates the sunrise and sunset. The LCD display is backlit, the brightness can be adjusted. The alarm clock is equipped with a practical phone storage. The device is covered by a three-year manufacturer's warranty.

Features: nap (1-30 minutes), goodnight. Three set alarm times. Radio memory: 10 stations. Light intensity adjustment: 20 levels of brightness. Warranty: 3 years.

Set the device after reading the operating instructions.