BEURER Speedbox II pedometer, pedometer watch


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  • Pedometer, pedometer watch. You run a lot, jogging is your favorite form of activity. If so, maybe you should start monitoring your achievements! The Beurer Speedbox II pedometer will measure the distance covered by you and calculate the speed at which it was run.

Wireless Speedbox II is a device that allows you to measure distance and speed of running. It is lightweight and thanks to a special clamp it can be attached to the shoe lacing. The clamp is sturdy, so there are no worries about losing equipment while running. The device is waterproof, no puddle is terrible (waterproof up to 10m). Pedometer takes measurements through built-in sensors, it is characterized by digital signal transmission. It measures the current speed and distance, additionally it constantly records the acceleration in two dimensions (up and forward). The step length is calculated with time. Pedometer gives us the opportunity to calibrate on an individual style of running and the option to set the target time and route section (target speed). Data regarding the route covered are divided into 10-meter sections. It is possible to switch from km / h to min / mi or km / min. Deviation over a distance of 10km: 200m. The device is covered by a three-year manufacturer's warranty.

Beurer Speedbox II pedometer designed for physically active people who want to monitor speed and distance traveled. Suitable for people practicing running, jogging or Nordic walking.

Additional information:
Keep the product out of reach of children at room temperature. The Speedbox II pedometer is compatible with other Beurer devices (eg PM 70, PM 80, PM 90).

Warranty: 3 years.