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BEURER Upper arm blood pressure monitor BM 40


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  • Blood pressure monitor. Beurer is a company that offers various blood pressure monitors, one of the best is the BM 40 arm blood pressure monitor. In addition, the device has a function that facilitates arrhythmia recognition.

BM 40 arm blood pressure monitor; AA 1.5V batteries: 4 items; case; user manual.

Do you have enough of your old blood pressure monitor? Choose a reliable camera that has been made of high quality materials and equipped with modern technology, the BM 40 arm blood pressure monitor. The automatic measurement of blood pressure and pulse rate is very fast and the result is displayed on a large LCD display. The device has the function of calculating the average of all measurements and the average of the morning and evening measurements from the last 7 days. The device has an option to classify results according to the WHO, supports the diagnosis of arrhythmia. An additional advantage is a three-year warranty from the manufacturer, which is covered by a blood pressure monitor.

Medical device Beurer BM 40 arm blood pressure monitor designed to use automatic blood pressure measurement as well as heart rate.

Additional information:
Keep the product out of reach of children at room temperature. Additional accessories are available separately: power supply and XL cuff (30-42cm).

Technical data:
Cuff size: 22-35cm;
error message;
battery indicator;
automatic shutdown;
memory: 2 x 60 measurements;
function: date / time.

Warranty: 3 years.

Directions for use: Please
read the instruction manual before first use.