BEURER Upper arm blood pressure monitor BM 57


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  • High quality equipment useful in every home! The Beurer BM 57 arm blood pressure monitor offers a very accurate measurement like in a doctor's office. In addition, the ability to send data to a smartphone helps monitor health.

BM 57 blood pressure monitor; case; AA 1.5V batteries: 2 items; user manual.

The BM 57 arm blood pressure monitor measures pressure quickly and comfortably - already during pumping. The device is characterized by a large display (XL) with white backlight, all information displayed on it are transparent, there are no problems with their reading and understanding - the classification of measurement results using a color scale; arrhythmia detection. Bluetooth® Smart technology allows you to freely transfer data from the pressure gauge to your smartphone. In addition, there is an option to download the free application and the "Beurer HealthManager" software. If necessary, the saved results can be averaged to one value, similarly you can calculate the average morning and evening blood pressure values ​​from the whole week. The equipment has a three-year warranty from the manufacturer.

Medical device Beurer BM 53 arm blood pressure monitor recommended for daily monitoring of heart rate and blood pressure.

Additional information:
Keep the product out of reach of children at room temperature. A power supply is also available separately in the company's offer.

Technical data:
Cuff size: 23-43cm; memory: 2 x 60 measurements; automatic shutdown; function: date / time; battery status indicator; error messages. Warranty: 3 years.

Directions for use: The
product should be used as described in the instruction manual.