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  • VIDEO BABY MONITOR. Electronic nanny is not a fad! This is one of the best inventions that will certainly help parents to monitor baby from a distance. ECO + model Beurer BY 77 with the option of video features a color LCD and LED.

AC adapter (2 pieces), camera (1 piece), the parent unit (1 piece), lithium-ion battery for the parent unit (1 piece).

The apparatus is extremely energy efficient, is equipped with the ECO + and thus allows the reduction of energy consumption and reduction in the degree of radiation. BY model 77 has a color display, which we view the child's activity, thanks to the infrared, even at night watching the sleeping child is possible. The big advantage of digital transmission and two-way communication, as well as zoom function. Color LCD and LED size 1.8 inches extinguishes automatically when no activity is not detected. The device indicates the room temperature, has an option of presenting a visual noise and a function of regulating the volume (five levels), and brightness. In the event of depletion of the battery activates an alarm. The range of devices is 300m, is controlled by an acoustic signal, the equipment is available 23 channels. The camera is designed to hang on the wall. Electronic nanny asset BY ECO + 77 is the ability to play lullabies (5 melodies), the control is done by the parents. The manufacturer provides a three-year warranty.

Beurer Baby monitor video BY ECO + 77 is recommended to maintain the comfort and tranquility of parents who can constantly monitor the child residing in another room.

Additional information:
Keep out of reach of children, at room temperature.

Transmission Frequency: 2.4 GHz; EU
the possibility of using 4 cameras.

Warranty: 3 years.