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  • Beta-carotene is a natural precursor of vitamin A (retinol). Also it acts as an antioxidant, neutralizing the harmful effects of free radicals.
It is believed that beta-carotene is associated with a decreased incidence of cancer in humans who eat a lot of vegetables and fruits.Composition: Each capsule Bio-carotene and vitamin E contains 6 mg of pure beta-carotene in the solid and easily absorbable form. The capsules contain an oil, which prevents it from oxidation. Overdose of beta-carotene is virtually impossible. Consuming large amounts of beta-carotene gives the skin a specific color similar to tan; this can improve the skin's resistance to sunlight. Provitamin A is also used in ophthalmology. Her intake improves eyesight and prevents night blindness. Carrots hidden in capsules One capsule of Bio-Carotene and Vitamin E contains the amount of beta carotene, which is in four large carrots. The intestinal mucosa occurs conversion of beta-carotene, retinol, classical vitamin A. While overdose of vitamin

A possible this risk does not exist in the case of beta-carotene. The body is converted only the amount of beta-carotene, which is currently required.

Beta-carotene - a powerful antioxidant
beta-carotene is one of the most famous and most powerful antioxidants. Antioxidants neutralize the harmful effects of free radicals, which may contribute to the formation of many diseases. Free radicals are byproducts of cell metabolic reactions can also be produced under the influence of harmful external factors, such as excessive solar radiation. Free radicals damage cell membranes. Cause the development of atherosclerosis and are involved in the aging process of the skin and internal organs. The most dangerous situation is when free radicals are combined with genetic material of the cell, which may lead to tumor formation.

Beta-carotene of carrots suitable its distinctive color is also incorporated
in the structure of the skin. High doses of antioxidant cause brown skin tone, similar to sunburn. Research has shown that beta-carotene increases the resistance of the skin to sunlight. Moreover, it can enhance the production of pigment and consequently the creation of a better tan.

Vitamin E - an additional ally of
vitamin E (alpha-tocopherol) - Vitamin youth - is a compound with a known and recognized antioxidant. It was found that low concentrations of vitamin E in blood serum may be associated with an increased risk of cancer. Furthermore, the use of vitamin E is recommended in patients with diseases of the cardiovascular system. Use in preparation Bio-Carotene and Vitamin E two powerful antioxidants increases the potency of the product and its effectiveness. The product is available without a prescription in pharmacies. Dosage: Take 1 capsule daily.