Bio-CLA, cla conjugated linoleic acid

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Bio-CLA x 90 capsules, cla conjugated linoleic acid

  • BIO-CLA and green tea exerts on three levels: it reduces hunger and helps in the process of burning fat, counteracts the yo-yo effect. The preparation indicated for people using weight loss diet, and for physically active people.


Bio-CLA, cla conjugated linoleic acid Action:

Out of body fat thanks to Bio-CLA, 

Bio-CLA, cla conjugated linoleic acid

3 Steps to a slim figure - Green tea extract and conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) - a perfect combination of ingredients to facilitate weight loss.
  • Step 1 - reduces appetite
  • Step 2 - burns fat
  • Step 3 - prevents the yo-yo effect How does Bio-CLA? CLA is a fatty acid that positively affects the proportions of fat and muscle in the body by:
  • blocking the absorption of fat into fat cells
  • reducing fat storage
  • the release of fat from stored fat tissue stocks
  • preventing muscle loss
  • the transfer of fat to muscle tissue where it is burned in the process of energy production
  • Use of Bio-CLA by weight reduction assumes a reduced calorie content of meals and physical activity reduces fat mass and maintain or even increase muscle mass. With Bio-CLA you can thus avoid weight gain, because it helps to reduce fat and not muscle. How does green tea extract? Ekstarkt is extracted from green tea leaves (camemellia sinensis). Research shows that the content of biologically active substances called. polyphenols and catechins provides excellent antioxidant effect. Catechins have a strong impact on the energy metabolism of the body by:

  • reducing appetite
  • increase fat burning
  • increase heat production
  • Bio-CLA, cla conjugated linoleic acid use: The recommended dose of Bio-CLA is 4 to 6 capsules a day. While diet restricting calories and exercise (at least 30 minutes on average intense walking or cycling) is recommended 6 capsules. The capsules should be consumed during the meal and washed down with plenty of water