BIO-H-TIN care damaged hair shampoo

Dr. Pfleger Arzneimittel GmbH

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BIO-H-TIN Care for damaged hair Shampoo

Pack size:200 ml Dosage form:shampoo

The BIO-H-TIN Care for damaged hair Shampoo was specially developed for use with all hair types - even with structurally damaged hair. Your hair is cleaned gently and gently.
The contained hair care components make it particularly mild and kind to the skin.
The BIO-H-TIN care shampoo regulates both the moisture content of the hair and the scalp.
With the addition of a moisturizer, it is ideal for daily hair washing.
The BIO-H-TIN care shampoo is also suitable for people with sensitive scalps.
Your hair is given a healthy shine, it is easier to comb and it becomes soft to the touch.

Dosage / damaged hair application:
Depending on the length of the hair, put an amount the size of a hazelnut to walnut on the hand, lather with water and distribute evenly into the hair. Leave on for a short time, rinse off.
Dermatologically tested