BIO-H-TIN Glassicura nail file

Dr. Pfleger Arzneimittel GmbH

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BIO-H-TIN Glassicura nail file

Ergonomic shape for easy, safe and comfortable care

Pack size: pc


The high-quality special file made of glass is suitable for nail care for young and old. Children can use it just as well and safely as seniors, people with motor impairments or the blind.


BIO-H-TIN Glassicura nail file: 

Thanks to the special, ergonomic shape, the internal grinding surface and the large handle, you can take care of your nails easily, safely and comfortably. The micro-fine sanding surface ensures evenly beautiful, gently rounded nails. The sensitive skin around the nail is protected. This is particularly important for diabetics, for whom skin injuries can be dangerous.


The file can be stored and transported optimally protected in the break-proof case.