BIO-H-TIN nail polishing file for beautiful nails

Dr. Pfleger Arzneimittel GmbH

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for beautiful nails BIO-H-TIN nail polishing file

3 phases for shiny, beautiful nails 

Pack size: 1 pc

Smooth nail surfaces make your nails shine more attractively. You will achieve the best effect if you use the BIO-H-TIN® 3-phase nail polishing file for care. 

 for beautiful nails  application

- You can remove scratches, grooves and discoloration with the orange-colored surface. Light pressure is enough. Please do not remove the resulting nail dust.

- Use the white surface to polish the nail surface smooth and clean.

- Use the gray side to bring your fingernails to a shine.

For the care of the nails.

Your hands are your calling card and well-manicured nails play an important role in making a first impression. With the 3-phase maintenance of the BIO-H-TIN nail polishing file, beautiful nails become even more attractive.

Without any chemicals - give your nails a visibly shiny appearance. Also as "immediate help" for existing nail problems, e.g. B. Grooving on the nail surface and the like, the nail polishing file is recommended.

That's how it works  for beautiful nails:

  1. Apricot-colored surface: remove scratches, grooves and discoloration with light pressure. Do not remove the resulting nail dust.
  2. White surface: For working the nail dust into the nail plate and for gentle polishing. The nail surface becomes so smooth and clean.
  3. Gray side: now buff your nails to a high shine.

Thanks to the smooth nail surface, nail polish can also be applied more evenly and looks so much nicer.