BIO-H-TIN Vitamin H 5 mg for 4 months tablets

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BIO-H-TIN Vitamin H 5 mg for 4 months tablets

Pack size:60 pcs Dosage form:Tablets

BIO-H-TIN® Vitamin H 5 mg tablets

Active ingredient: Biotin

Appl .: Prophylaxis and therapy of biotin deficiency states in the very rare biotin-dependent, multiple carboxylase deficiency.

For information on risks and side effects, read the package insert and ask your doctor or pharmacist.

With BIO-H-TIN® you give them what they need for healthy growth.

Full, shiny hair and beautiful, strong nails are a sign of health, beauty and wellbeing. But with increasing age, hair often becomes finer and nails more fragile, because the hair and nail structure deteriorates.

Intensive care alone often does not help. Vitamin H - also called hair and nail vitamins - supports healthy growth.
With BIO-H-TIN® Vitamin H you supply your body with additional vitamin H and can thus achieve a visible and noticeable effect. In addition, with a balanced diet, you supply your hair and nails with important nutrients and trace elements.

BIO-H-TIN® Vitamin H tablets are a pure vitamin preparation for healthy hair and nail growth.

Vitamin H (biotin, vitamin B7)
• Water-soluble vitamin from the group of B vitamins.
• An important endogenous nutrient that promotes many metabolic processes.
• Increased occurrence in certain dairy products, cereals, fruits, vegetables, meat, mushrooms, nuts and egg yolks.
• A high-dose and therefore more effective absorption of vitamin H is only possible with drugs such as BIO-H-TIN® vitamin H tablets.

With BIO-H-TIN® Vitamin H you can optimally balance your vitamin H balance. Vitamin H - the hair and nail vitamin - increases the metabolic activity of your hair and nails and promotes the build-up of the important component keratin. This improves the structure and strengthens resilience. Hair, nails and also the skin gain noticeably in quality and attractiveness.

Hair and vitamin H
Hair looks dull and becomes brittle when its outer cuticle is rubbed off or roughened. The closer the scales are to each other, the better the hair quality. Vitamin H can help reduce the gaps between each scab. In addition, more strands of hair (Fig. 1) are formed, which makes the hair thicker.

Did you know?
Your hair grows about 1 cm per month.

Nails and vitamin H
Vitamin H promotes the even arrangement of the nail platelets and thus strengthens the resilience of the nails (Fig. 2).

Did you know?
A complete nail renewal takes at least 6 months, with increasing age the duration increases to up to 12 months. Toenails also need 2 years for this.

Causes of hair and nail
problems. B. during pregnancy or menopause, metabolic disorders and the regular use of medication.
• Malnutrition or malnutrition associated with an iron or vitamin deficiency (often a deficiency in vitamin H).
• Mental and physical stress.

Top 5 sources of vitamin H
As a water-soluble nutrient, vitamin H is not stored by the body and must be taken in daily with food. According to the German Society for Nutrition (DGE), the daily requirement of adults and adolescents aged 15 and over is 30 to 60 micrograms per day. 

Only hair and nails that grow back can be effectively improved in their structure.

We therefore recommend taking it for at least 6 months.

1 tablet a day is sufficient.

Vitamin H tablets are best taken once a day with a little water. Combine the daily intake with a familiar routine so that it is easier for you to take it, for example after brushing your teeth, making coffee, etc. The practical calendar blister also makes it easier for you to keep an overview.

Active ingredients

  • 5 mg biotin

Auxiliary materials

  • Cellulose, microcrystalline
  • Corn starch, pre-gelatinized
  • Carboxymethyl starch, sodium type A
  • Magnesium stearate (vegetable)

Indication / application

  • The medicine is a vitamin preparation.
  • It is used for
    • Prevention and treatment of a biotin deficiency. (Less than 0.2 mg biotin per day is sufficient for prevention).
    • Treatment of a biotin deficiency in the very rare biotin-dependent, multiple carboxylase deficiency.


  • Always take this medicine exactly as described or as your doctor or pharmacist has discussed.
  • Check with your doctor or pharmacist if you are not sure.
  • The recommended dose is:
    • Take ½ tablet daily (equivalent to 2.5 mg biotin).
    • Less than 0.2 mg biotin per day is sufficient for prophylaxis.
  • For the therapy of multiple carboxylase deficiency:
    • Take 1 to 2 tablets daily (equivalent to 5 to 10 mg biotin).
  • For lower dosages, preparations with a lower biotin content are available, e.g. B. 2.5 mg biotin per tablet.


  • Duration of application
    • The medicine is taken until the biotin levels in the blood normalize. The duration depends on the course of the underlying disease. Please ask your doctor about this.
    • In the very rare biotin-dependent, multiple carboxylase deficiency, the intake is lifelong.


  • If you take more than you should:
    • Poisoning and overdose symptoms are not known.


  • If you forget to take a dose:
    • Do not take a double dose to make up for a forgotten dose.


  • If you stop taking:
    • When used as intended, no special features need to be observed here.


  • If you have any further questions on the use of this medicine, ask your doctor or pharmacist.


  • Swallow the medicine whole with sufficient liquid (preferably a glass of drinking water).

Side effects

  • As with all medicines, this medicine can have side effects, although not every person receives them.
  • Very rare, affects less than 1 user in 10,000:
    • Allergic reactions of the skin (hives)
  • If you get any side effects, talk to your doctor or pharmacist. This also applies to side effects that are not specified.


  • Taking with other medicines
    • Tell your doctor or pharmacist if you are taking / using, have recently taken / used or may take / use any other medicines.
    • There is some evidence that anti-seizure medicines (anticonvulsants) lower the level of biotin in the blood plasma.


  • Do not take the medicine
    • if you are allergic to biotin or any of the other ingredients of this medicine.

pregnancy and breast feeding period

  • The preparation can be taken during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Patient information

  • Warnings and Precautions
    • Please talk to your doctor or pharmacist before taking the preparation. It contains 5 mg of biotin per tablet. If you are going to have a laboratory test, you must tell your doctor or the laboratory staff that you are taking or have recently taken the product, as biotin can affect the results of such tests.
    • Depending on the examination, the results can be incorrectly increased or incorrectly decreased due to the biotin. Your doctor may ask you to stop taking it before doing laboratory tests. You should also be aware that other products you might take, such as multivitamins or supplements for hair, skin, and nails, may also contain biotin and affect the results of laboratory tests. Please tell your doctor or laboratory staff if you take such products.
    • children
      • Due to the limited data situation, it should only be used in children if prescribed by a doctor.


  • Driving and using machines
    • There are no known impairments.