BIOARON C Syrup 100ml viral diseases


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  • Bioaron C in the form of syrup, combines the benefit of natural ingredients from aloe and chokeberry enriched extra dose of vitamin C, which support the processes of the body's defenses in the challenge with pathogenic viruses and bacteria.

Composition: (100 ml)
Aloe extractum fluidum (aloe threaded) 38,4g
Aroniae succus (juice of chokeberry) 23,3g
Vitamin C 1.02 g
product contains 0,90-1,50% (m / m) of vitamin C , which corresponds to an average 77 mg of vitamin a single dose (5 mL).

Bioaron C stimulates the immune system by substances present in the extract of threaded liścialoesu: effect on humoral and cellular response increases the number of T and B cells, increases the number of blood przeciwciałkrążących, whereby there is a restoration of the immune system prawidłowejodpowiedzi. It helps combat bacterial and viral infections.

- infections of the upper respiratory tract
- in the treatment of diseases from colds,
-w lack of appetite.

- a recurrent bacterial and viral infections,
- during recovery of the body after diseases and antibiotic therapy.

If your doctor tells you otherwise:
- children aged 3 - 6 years: 2 times a day for 5 ml (1 tsp) of the preparation for 14 days
- over 6 years: 3 times daily 5 ml (1 tsp) before eating for 14 days.
the lack of appetite, 5 ml of once 15 min. before meals.