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BIOARON K Oral drops twist-off x 30 capsules


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  • Bioaron K drops for infants with the necessary, a daily dose of vitamin K. This vitamin is involved in blood clotting and helps to properly metabolize calcium. Recommended for babies from 2 weeks up to 3 months.

Vitamin K 25 mcg dissolved in sunflower oil

Action: Bioaron K drops for infants fed naturally, recommended for daily supplementation starting at 2 weeks of age until the end of the 3rd month. The formulation is in a convenient form of capsules twist-off and contains a daily optimum dosage of vitamin K administration of the precious vitamin newborns, assisted by the synthesis process of blood clotting is involved with the formation of bone proteins and interfere with normal metabolism of calcium in the body. Vitamin K deficiency in newborns and infants up to the end of 3 months of age, can lead to bleeding called haemorrhagic disease of newborns.

Application: Bioaron K drops for infants, for daily oral supplementation - especially in the case of children breast-fed from 2 weeks of age under 3 months life. Infants fed the formula modified milk, milk for premature infants as well as mixtures of milk replacers after receiving a single dose of vitamin K at birth and do not require further prophylactic. Dosage: 1 capsule contains a daily dose of vitamin K for breastfed infants. It is recommended to administer the preparation once a day