BIOFANAL nystatin, Candida infection ointment

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Biofanal ® nystatin, Candida infection ointment

active ingredient: nystatin. Area of

Candida infection of the skin and mucous membranes, especially intertrigo (submammary, inguinal, perineal), paronychia, interdigital mycosis. For children, teenagers and adults.

For nystatin, Candida infection information on risks and side effects, read the package insert and ask your doctor or pharmacist.

Biofanal ® ointment is a specific anti-yeast agent for the treatment of Candida infections of the skin and vaginal mucosa. The ointment contains the active ingredient nystatin.

Mushrooms as pathogens
The presence of fungi on human skin and mucous membranes is initially normal. Fungal infections only occur when they multiply excessively. A very common pathogen is the yeast Candida albicans.

The factors
favoring fungal infections are a weakened immune system, therapy with antibiotics or corticoids, diseases such as diabetes mellitus and stress. Vaginal yeast infections are often caused by hormonal changes such as those during pregnancy, menopause or the pill.

Symptoms of a fungal infection
Itching occurs in the affected areas, which can be accompanied by pain. With vaginal fungus, a burning sensation occurs, as well as redness, swelling and yellowish-white, crumbly discharge.

Advantages of Biofanal ® • contains the biological active ingredient nystatin
• has a specific effect against yeasts and protects the physiological skin flora
• has a fungistatic and fungicidal effect, against growing and dormant fungal cells
• has a favorable level of resistance, despite decades of use
• is not absorbed, has a local effect and without interactions with other drugs
• is the drug of choice during pregnancy and breastfeeding

How does nystatin work?
Nystatin binds to ergosterols in the fungal cell membrane. This makes the membrane more permeable, i.e. more permeable to cell components, so that transport processes are disrupted. The growth of the fungus is inhibited (fungistatic effect) and the fungus dies (fungicidal effect).

When is Biofanal ® used?
Biofanal ® ointment is used for yeast infections of the skin, in the body folds , on the palms of the hands, feet, nails and for vaginal fungus in the external genital area.

How is Biofanal ® used?
Biofanal ®Ointment is applied to the infected areas of the skin in sufficient quantities several times a day. The application is carried out until the healing process is complete. Please wash your hands before use.

Even during pregnancy?
Nystatin does not cross the placenta. Due to its molecular size, the active ingredient is hardly absorbed and does not enter the systemic circulation. The good tolerance makes Biofanal ® the agent of choice during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

• Biofanal ® ointment can impair the safety of condoms, which is why additional contraceptive methods must be used during the treatment period.
• When using against vaginal thrush, it may be useful to treat your partner with the ointment at the same time in order to avoid renewed infections.
• A possible yellow discoloration of laundry due to the active ingredient nystatin can be easily washed out.

• Moisture caused by sweating offers good conditions for fungus to spread, so make sure you wear clothes that are breathable and washable at 60 ° C.
• In the intimate area, clear water should be used for washing and, if necessary, a cleansing product suitable for the vaginal environment.
• It is important to always wipe front to back after using the toilet.