BIOHEMORIL suppositories against hemorrhoids 2g x 6 pieces, hemorrhoids cure

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  • BIOHEMORIL suppositories against hemorrhoids is a product with astringent and anti-inflammatory. Positive effect on the condition of the rectal mucosa and relieve the first symptoms of hemorrhoids (minor pain, itching).

One suppository contains: Bismuthi subgallas (bismuth gallate) - 0.2 g, Zinci oxidum (zinc oxide) - 0.1 g, Thanninum (tannin) - 0.15 g;Excipients: Suppository mass qs

BIOHEMORIL suppositories against hemorrhoids is a product with a unique composition. It was created to relieve the symptoms of hemorrhoidal disease occurring in the initial stage of the disease.The above mentioned. symptoms include mainly pain and mild itching. The preparation BIOHEMORIL suppositories against hemorrhoids exhibits anti-inflammatory and astringent. It brings relief in case of hemorrhoids and relieves discomfort. Helps in the treatment of inflammation of the rectal mucosa and a positive effect on her condition.

- Hypersensitivity to the active components of the product
- treatment of children (due to the lack of research on the safety of the treatment in this age group).

It is recommended to use a pharmaceutical composition in adults for the initial phase of hemorrhoid anus (hemorrhoids). Also indicated as adjunctive therapy with mucosal inflammation of the rectum.

Use rectally. In adults, it is recommended applying suppositories generally 1-2 / 24.