BIOLAN gel eye drops 60X0.45 ml Sodium hyaluronate

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Sodium hyaluronate Biolan Gel eye drops Highly viscous eye
Active ingredient: Sodium hyaluronate 0.30%
BIOLAN Gel is a sterile, preservative-free, viscoelastic, highly viscous protective film for the cornea.

It consists exclusively of natural, biological substances.

Sodium hyaluronate BIOLAN Gel protects and moisturizes the surface of the eye and makes it slippery.
As a result, it brings about long-lasting relief from complaints in connection with

• mechanical stress, eg. B. when wearing hard or soft contact lenses or during diagnostic operations on the eye
. B. by air conditioning, wind, cold, drought or air pollution, for example by cigarette smoke or
• in the case of visual stress due to intense vision, e. B. on computer screens, microscopes or on long car journeys.