BIOLEVOX Complex x 60 tablets


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BIOLEVOX Complex x 60 tablets

  • Biolevox Complex has in its composition glucosamine, chondroitin, hyaluronan and vitamin C, which actively contribute to the strengthening and improvement of mobility of the joints as well as to accelerate convalescence.

Glucosamine hydrochloride, chondroitin sulfate, sodium hyaluronate, magnesium citrate, ascorbic acid, microcrystalline cellulose (filler), magnesium stearate (anticaking agent), hydroxypropylcellulose, polyvinylpyrrolidone, titanium dioxide, talc, polyethyleneglycol.

Biolevox Complex is a unique combination of active ingredients in an easy-to-swallow tablet form. Glucosamine and chondroitin are formed by Acti-Joint, which complements the active form of hyaluronic acid. These substances help to improve the mobility of the joints, which translates into an increase in the comfort of life. The preparation also stimulates the production of chondrocytes. Vitamin C is involved in the production of elastin and collagen that form an integral part of cartilage tissue. Dietary supplement has a protective effect, supporting the maintenance of normal joints and synovial fluid. Biolevox Complex will support rehabilitation, including injury, including the so-called. Runner's knee and tennis elbow.

Dietary supplement recommended Biolevox Complex in order to maintain physiological function of joints, restoration and strengthening of joint cartilage, improve joint mobility and treatment of injury, as well as preventive protection of bone, cartilage and synovial fluid.

Additional information:
Do not take if you are allergic to any component of a dietary supplement.

How to use:
Take 2 orally tablets a day.