Biolevox Ha One 2.5% intra-articular gel 4.8 ml pre-filled syringe


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Biolevox Ha One 2.5% intra-articular gel 4.8 ml pre-filled syringe Product description:
Biolevox Ha One is a medical device containing 2.5% sodium hyaluronate, obtained by bacterial fermentation, to improve intra- articular viscosity. The preparation, as an injection agent, has been sterilized and is pyrogen-free.

The preparation is used in motor ailments and joint mobility limitations resulting from degenerative and post-traumatic changes of the knee joint.

Biolevox Ha One - properties and mechanism of action

Hyaluronic acid is responsible for the viscosity and elasticity of the synovial fluid. Thanks to its lubricating and shock-absorbing properties, it enables painless, physiological movement in the joint. In addition, it supplies the joint cartilage with nutrients.

Supplementation of the synovial fluid by intra-articular injection of purified hyaluronic acid improves the flexibility and viscosity of the synovial fluid. Thus, after the first treatment cycle with 1 to 5 intra-articular injections, the mobility of the joint improves and the level of perceived pain resulting from the degeneration of the joint cartilage is reduced.

Biolevox Ha One 2.5% Action:

It reduces pain and improves joint mobility. Instructions for use The

4.8 ml ampoule syringe is intended for injection into the knee joint only. The injection is performed by medical personnel.


1 ml contains: sodium hyaluronate 25 mg / NaCL 0.9% - 8.5 mg / disodium hydrogen phosphate 0.563 mg / sodium dihydrogen phosphate 0.045 mg / water for injection


A box containing a 4.8 ml pre-filled syringe with 120 mg sodium hyaluronate in a sterile pack and a sterile needle (e.g. 19 or 21 gauge) packed in a separate sterile pack.