BIOLIQ Dermo point depigmenting serum, BIOLIQ SERUM


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BIOLIQ Dermo point depigmenting serum 10ml, BIOLIQ SERUM

Are you laboriously camouflaging discolorations with a thick layer of makeup? Better to lighten them with the Bioliq Dermo depigmenting point serum. The product owes its effectiveness to the exfoliating properties of shikimic acid.

Active ingredients of BIOLIQ Dermo depigmentation point serum:

Shikimic acid, peptide compound, UVA / UVB filters.

Action of BIOLIQ Dermo depigmentation point serum:

The complex of active ingredients contained in the serum gradually but effectively reduces and brightens hyperpigmentation discoloration, regardless of their cause. The peptide compound is responsible for limiting the activity of melanocytes. This means that it prevents the skin from overproducing melanin. Shikimic acid is a cosmetic ingredient that shows amazing exfoliating properties, which is why it is gaining more and more fans. It occurs naturally in the shrub Illicim lanceolatum. Its action includes discolored changes, gently exfoliates and smoothes and regenerates the epidermis within it. This leads to faster evening of the skin tone and restoration of its luminous color. In addition, the serum was enriched with a protective filter (SPF20), which protects the skin against the harmful effects of sunlight, both UVB and UVA,

BIOLIQ SERUM Application:
Bioliq Dermo point depigmentation serum is recommended for topical application to discoloration of various origins (sun spots, acne spots, age-related discoloration or hormone activity).

Additional BIOLIQ SERUM information:
The product has been dermatologically tested. Keep the product out of the reach of children, at room temperature.

BIOLIQ SERUM Contraindications:
Do not use in case of hypersensitivity to any component of the serum.

How to use BIOLIQ Dermo depigmentation point serum:

Apply directly to discoloration twice a day. Effects in the form of reduction of discoloration can be expected after 2 weeks of regular use. During application, avoid the eye area.