BIOLOIRE H4 hair lotion against gray hair

Loire Cosmetics GmbH

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BIOLOIRE H4 hair lotion against gray hair

Pack size:150 ml Dosage form:lotion

BIOLOIRE H4 hair lotion is a hair care preparation for gray hair, which in an uncomplicated and inconspicuous way gives gray hair back a youthful and natural looking hair color gradually in only 2 - 4 weeks.


BIOLOIRE H4 works due to biochemical compounds where melanins were once active in the hair. BIOLOIRE H4 develops new, melanin-like pigments that replace the missing melanin. With each application, this pigment content in the hair increases, so that the graying process is easily reversed.


The revitalizing active ingredients of BIOLOIRE H4 consist of valuable pro-vitamin B5 and a special plant extract from the bark of the horse chestnut. Pro-vitamin B5 penetrates deeply into the hair and repairs brittle and structurally damaged hair. The plant-based active ingredient used ensures an improved toning of the scalp, elemental sulfur is stored in the hair keratin. This also nourishes and strengthens the hair. The result is noticeably supple and naturally shiny hair.


BIOLOIRE H4 is non-greasy despite the additional care properties and has a slight hair-setting effect. The newly acquired, natural hair color does not stain and cannot be washed out. BIOLOIRE H4 prevents a gray hairline in regrowing hair.


BIOLOIRE H4 is very easy to use - like a normal hair tonic. Slightly moisten your dried hair with BIOLOIRE H4, massage it in gently and then comb it through well - done. Practical, quick, uncomplicated. Be sure to shake the bottle vigorously before each use.