BIOLUTEINA TOTAL x 30 capsules, vitamins for eye health


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  • Bioluteina Total, contains the composition for precious vision lutein and fish oil rich in Omega-3. The center recommended especially for older people, those who work at the computer and for all who wish to preserve eyesight in good health.

Fish oil 200 mg (including 120mg of Omega-3), lutein from marigold flowers Tagetes erecta 6 mg zeaxanthin from marigold flowers Tagetes erecta 0.51 mg, 3 mg astaxanthin, troxerutin 25 mg of extract, blueberry fruit Canadian Vaccinium uliginosum 25 mg (including 6.25 mg of anthocyanins), vitamin C 40 mg, 8 mg of zinc (zinc sulfate), 500 mcg copper (copper gluconate), selenium 25 mcg (sodium selenite) Action: Bioluteina Total, is a modern dietary supplement whose task is to support the exemplary condition of sight. The product contains a high dose valuable for vision lutein and fatty acids Omega-3 and other substances to support the proper functioning of the macula responsible for sharp vision. Bioluteina Total, is especially recommended to people who normally borne eyes long-term work in poor light, as well as work in front of a computer monitor and the elderly who have trouble seeing at dusk. Application: Bioluteina Total, the supplement indicated for people exposed to factors that may lead to a weakening of sight, eg. long-term driving, many hours working at the computer, staying in rooms with artificial lighting. Dosage: 1-2 capsules daily with a meal