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  • Bioluteina contains natural ingredients enriched with vitamins precious for good vision and eye health. The product for adults working in unfavorable conditions for the eyes, a lot of reading and spend a lot of time behind the wheel of a car.

The most important of these are natural lutein and natural carotenoids zeaksantyna- necessary for the proper functioning of sight, but also anthocyanins from plant extracts, omega 3, vitamins and minerals with strong antioxidant properties. Bioluteina distinguished by the fact that it contributes to the functioning of the eye comprehensively ensures an optimum condition of the blood vessels feeding the area and helps maintain normal visual acuity.



% RDA *

in one coated tablet

fish oil

In this omega-3 15%

300 mg

45 mg


Vitamin C

80 mg


The extract from marigold flower petals erected

including: Lutein


60 mg

12 mg

1 mg


Bilberry extract containing 25% anthocyanins

50 mg


The extract of blackcurrant containing 25% anthocyanins

50 mg



19.5 mg



18 mg


E vitamin

12 mg



10 mg


Vitamin B6

2 mg


Vitamin B2

1.6 mg


Vitamin B1

1.4 mg



500 μ g


Vitamin B9

200 mg



25 mg


Vitamin B12

2.5 ug


Bioluteinę be used: * to maintain sharp vision, * in those aggravating eyes eg. A long time watching television, working at a computer, a lot of readers, leading many hours the car, working in poor light, etc., * In protecting eyes from UV radiation and sunlight, * patients worse sighted at dusk, * prophylactically to maintain good vision, in particular macular whose functioning deteriorates with age.

BIOLUTEINA is a product designed for regular use in order to protect the eyes against disadvantageous external or internal factors. BIOLUTEINA provide the optimal proportions Lutein and zeaxanthin - natural carotenoids present in the petals of marigold flower raised (Tagetes erectus), which have affinity for eyesight, in particular what is known as the macula. It owes its color was the presence of these two substances. The human body does not produce isolated lutein and zeaxanthin and must thus obtain it from the diet or supplementation.

To enhance the effect of lutein and zeaxanthin preparation BIOLUTEINA has been enriched with a complex of B vitamins, troxerutin, anthocyanins from blueberry and blackcurrant, and omega 3 fatty acids, which component, acid DHA (dekozaheksaenowy), supports the proper functioning of the retina and optic nerve . Professionally balanced formula makes preparation BIOLUTEINA contributes to the functioning of the eye and protects it from damage. Dosage:

1 tablet daily with a meal.