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BIOMO-lipon 600 mg diabetic polyneuropathy ampoules

biomo pharma GmbH

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BIOMO-lipon 600 mg diabetic polyneuropathy ampoules


biomo-lipon® 600 mg infusion set

Active substance: a-lipoic acid, ethylene bis (azane) salt

Areas of application:
Discomfort in diabetic polyneuropathy.

Active BIOMO-lipon 600 mg diabetic polyneuropathy ampoules ingredients

  • 687.38 mg α-lipoic acid, ethylenediamine salt (2: 1)

Auxiliary BIOMO-lipon 600 mg diabetic polyneuropathy ampoules materials

  • 2250 mg sodium chloride
  • Ethylenediamine
  • Water for injections
  • Water for injections
  • nitrogen

How does the ingredient of the medicine work?

The active ingredient protects the nerves of the arms and especially the legs from the damaging influences of diabetes. Two mechanisms come into play for this: On the one hand, the substance ensures that the blood supply to the nerves is not hindered by degradation products that arise when the blood sugar content is too high. To achieve this, the active ingredient reduces the creation of these products. On the other hand, it catches nerve-damaging substances that arise due to an insufficient supply of blood and the associated oxygen supply.

What adverse effects may occur?

In the case of rapid injection or infusion:
Head pressure - Difficulty breathing

During intravenous administration (administration into the vein) an allergic reaction can occur, locally (with reddening, itching etc.) or affecting the whole body up to shock.

If you notice any disturbances or changes during treatment, contact your doctor or pharmacist.

For the information at this point, side effects that occur in at least one in 1,000 patients treated are primarily taken into account.

How is the drug dosage?

Who? Single dose Total dose When?
adult 1 ampoule 1 ampoule per day regardless of the time of day