BIONORM vegan bodyline powder, pea, oat bran, pumpkin seed protein

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BIONORM vegan bodyline powder 10X25 g pea, oat bran, pumpkin seed protein

BioNorm ® bodyline - vegan proteins at their best bodyline
organic protein complex (including pea protein, oat bran and pumpkin seed protein); Vitamin C, zinc

pea, oat bran, pumpkin seed protein Ingredients:
63% pea protein * (partially hydrolyzed), 15% oat bran *, sea buckthorn powder * (sea buckthorn pulp *, maltodextrin *), humectant: erythritol *, 6% pumpkin seed protein *, acerola powder *, sweet blackberry

leaf extract * from controlled BioNorm ® bodyline is a protein product developed by nutritionists from high-quality organic plant extracts. BioNorm ® bodyline is not a diet, but part of a nutritional concept that works sustainably. Because nobody should have to do without for a good body feeling.

pea, oat bran, pumpkin seed protein:

  • Innovative bio-protein complex with a 2-phase principle
  • Amino acid profile according to WHO recommendation
  • Contains all essential amino acids
  • Vegan and certified organic
pea, oat bran, pumpkin seed protein Use:
Put two level measuring spoons (25 g) into a glass once a day, add 150 ml of still water and stir. Enjoy 30 minutes before a meal. Instead of water, milk or vegan milk substitutes can also be used. If necessary, the use of a shaker is advisable in these cases. Drink immediately after preparation.

By consistently avoiding artificial aromas or flavor enhancers, the taste of BioNorm ® bodyline always depends on the natural ingredients and is therefore subject to natural fluctuations. If slight changes occur, this is not a quality defect. BioNorm® bodyline unfolds its potential regardless of taste.

BioNorm ®bodyline is part of a balanced and varied diet and a healthy lifestyle. We recommend taking BioNorm® bodyline for at least 3 months for long-term successful nutritional management.

Dietary supplements Pea, oat bran, pumpkin seed protein  are no substitute for a balanced and varied diet and a healthy lifestyle.