BIOTIN H forte tablets, vitamin H

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BIOTIN H forte tablets, vitamin H



The beauty vitamin for skin and hair BIOTIN H forte tablets, vitamin H


Those who suffer from brittle, dull hair and skin problems

who should have it checked for a lack of vitamin H (=biotin)

could exist. Especially after taking antibiotics

the intestinal flora is often disturbed in such a way that important nutritional components

are no longer properly absorbed. That means if the

Intestinal function is impaired or the diet is too one-sided

is, e.g. contains too few vegetables, oatmeal or nuts, then

there may be a lack of vitamin H (=biotin).

BIOTIN H FORTE with 10mg has been tried and tested for years when it comes to the

treatment of a defect. BIOTIN H FORTE is highly dosed. at

Taking a whole tablet with 10mg biotin (=vitamin H)

you get a significantly higher dosage compared to that

recommended biotin daily dose according to LMIV.

To prevent a vitamin H deficiency, a

permanent supplementation with biotin daily between 2.5mg and 5mg.

Due to the specially pre-cut notches, the tablet is easily divided into four

Breaking parts to get the necessary dosage. To the

Half or a quarter of a tablet is sufficient for a course of treatment

per day.

BIOTIN H FORTE = normal energy metabolism

With a continuous use of BIOTIN H FORTE 10mg

over 3-4 weeks, the skin and hair structure will become effective

improved and increased resistance. After a few

Weeks you can have more beautiful, shinier hair, as well as a

Notice "recovery" of stressed skin.


BIOTIN H forte tablets, vitamin H. BIOTIN H FORTE 10mg is available in a treatment pack with 120 tablets


(enough for 480 days), in packs of 40 or 20 tablets.

Areas of application: Prevention and treatment of a biotin

lack. (For prevention, less than 0.2 mg biotin per day

sufficient.) Treatment of a biotin deficiency in the very rare

Biotin-dependent multiple carboxylase deficiency. Except for

Keep within reach of children!

For risks and side effects, read the leaflet and

Ask your doctor or pharmacist.

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